Friday, December 30, 2011

Cheers 2011!

Just in case I'll be too busy with preparations for New Years Eve, Im posting my end of 2011 blog now.

2011 for me has been a roller coaster of Ups and Downs..The beginning of the year gave our family a huge blow when my sister left my parents house because of a disagreement.. Then near the end my father received a cancer scare when a mass was found in his lung. Thankfully though it was benign, but nevertheless he underwent surgery to extract the mass which was quite huge. The sad part is that even though my dad was hospitalized, not once did my sister visit him...

I was diagnosed with thin basement syndrome. An autoimmune kidney disease. I underwent treatment and got a clean bill of health,but the medicine's side effects cause me to gain weight. I went from 43 kilos to 68 kilos in less than a month. I will be completing my treatment thi coming January 2012.

In the end though Family always pulls you through. My aunts, and my uncles have been very supportive and we are now as close as ever...They gave us strength and I am forever grateful.

We all spent Christmas together (which is like my dad's 3rd Christmas with us cause he always has to work), That in itself is something to be thankful for.

December 21, we received an amazing news.. I'll share it when its final.

My cousin got married last December 28. It was a wonderful wedding

Father and Daughter Dance

This was the moment though when i couldn't help myself, I stood up went to my Dad gave him a big hug and cried like a baby... You see my Dad wasn't there for my wedding, and i guess I got really emotional, cause it was a milestone and I really wanted him there... But circumstances dictate that he cant because he had to work... He was asked to leave the country to work 5 days before my wedding...

As I hugged him, my dad stood up took me aside, hugged me tight and said "Princess don't be sad, we all have different blessings... You have had many blessings in your life and this is your cousin's" I told him " I know Dad.. you're mine..."

The trials in my life that happened this year have humbled me, and the blessings have enriched my heart. At the end of the day I am grateful for the blessing that is my Husband, Son, parents, and relatives. In the midst of all the pain, help was always at hand... I Prayed and God always answered...

I would like to end this year with a few words...

Life is not a journey towards success and financial prosperity. Rather it is a quest for happiness...
We choose to be happy by seeing the good things in Life. Have FAITH.


  1. A sad story but nevertheless you never give up. Make sure you have this attitude for this coming year. I wish you and your family a blessed 2012 :D

  2. Thanks virgo guy... i think though that inspite of all those sad things, Im still lucky. there are people there who have been through more than I have... Happy New Year to you and God Bless

  3. your post is worth reading. ill put more faith not only for me. Happy 2012! :)

  4. Happy New Year!

    Praying for a more blessed 2012 for you and your family...

    God bless!

  5. Hello, Dear Friend!
    I do not know exactly what to say.
    I think I'm sad to hear of your sorrows.
    It really seems that the year that passed was very difficult and complicated.
    I'm sorry about your sister - and also for all the problems you wrote.

    I think we are all praying for better times this coming year.
    Dear Friend, try to be happy, even in the midst of "war."
    Remember the movie "Life is Beautiful" Roberto Benigni? - I know that life really is not beautiful ... It is a battle every day, but if we endure we must seek the "feel" happy, even if fate brings so much pain.

    I'm also trying to ... Between one and another tear ... Let's go!
    One day, nothing will have any importance!

    May God bring you much peace and harmony!
    God bless you!

  6. Sometimes, we get to experience a lot of sorrow before we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Been there, done that. 2004 was not our year, but, with faith and love in our hearts, we were able to go through it. Your dad is lucky that he didn't have cancer. Too sad that your sister left with a tough heart. I pray that you get done with your treatment, and lose weight after that :) well, we have the same dilemma on the weight gain case. Oh well. take care and have fun..